Go to your messages.

Choose any conversation.

Look at the top left, click “Other”.

Read all the messages facebook decided you didn’t need to hear about.


Finds out what websites I already use.

Advertises those websites to me.

Good job there.

The worrying bit is this actually happens.

Approximately 69% of all Internet content consists of pornographic material.”

I see what you did there.

My laptop has finally turned up after about 2 weeks of travelling to the depot, getting checked and repaired/replaced, then sent back to me.

Great news is - it turned on this time.


w and z have switched.

q and a have switched.

m ; and , have cycled around.

Crazy shit has happened to : . / ! ” £ $ $ % ^ & * ( ) _ -

I have a mu key.

I have a total of 7 non english letters.

Thankfully, I have set up the keyboard digitally to still be english, so my fingers just hit the keys as if they were correct. Even still, THIS IS STUPID!

English customer ordering from a netherlands based company gets a french keyboard.


This just in, there will be a thought police, armed with guns, dealing with anyone THIS FUCKING STUPID.

Colouring for lazy people.

I got a brand new super awesome gaming laptop.

It’s broken.


  • Stranger:

    What was Hitler's last name?

  • Idiot:


  • Idiot:

    I think



Don’t listen to them dog! You can be a shirt if you want to! Don’t let life’s stereotypes control you. You can hang onto that coat hanger if that’s what you want!

My comment on a youtube video: 68 likes.

Top comments: 22 and 9 likes.

Fuck you, Youtube.

Stumbled onto a picture, though it was very small.

Moused over - oh good, it does zoom in.

I click the picture, and it shrinks away to nothingness. The goddamn picture is gone. No link. No button. GONE!

Youtube - basic math not required.