Why would you hate a person? Someone you’ve never even met? Would it be because:

  • They kidnap children to turn into soldiers for their own private army.
  • They attempt to forge an empire, invading countries and killing anyone who doesn’t fit into their regime.
  • They set on fire people who believe different things to them.
  • They encourage soldiers to rape P.o.W
  • They starved an entire country.

Or how about somethone so atrocious that thousands of people routinely will offer death threats to this man’s followers (sincerity of said threats varying) while some unknown number more, perhaps in excess of a million, more than willingly express just sheer hatred of the man, his following and his work.

I am speaking of Justin Bieber.

Congratulations world, a great portion of you are willing to issue death threats to people who enjoy some music and don’t hold back in expressing their enjoyment of it.

So, I might have drunk a lot of tea in little time…felt like making some shitty music, downloaded a program to do so, learned how to use it (via trial and error and 7 crashes) and threw this together in, oooh, 90 minutes? Meh.

Raging at the xbox. Hans Zimmer - Waiting for a Train plays on my laptop and calm begins to return very rapidly.

Laptop randomly skips to Mombasa


I…I have broken PHYSICS! (this continued to 4:55)

I have not seen something quite like this before, and probably won’t for some time. As much as a large amount of time this must have taken, it is VERY impressive.